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Children are not carrots

August 29th, 2011

Written by: Patricia Everaert

I have known for most of my life that I would not have children; not because I don’t like them, don’t want them, or think them a burden – it has just been one of those certainties in my life. Every now and then, I get baby pangs, and think how wonderful it would be to have a child; but ‘having a child’ is not a driving motivation in my life, and certainly not something I’m checking off a to-do list. Buy carrots – check. Pick up dry cleaning – check. Have a baby…hold on a second!Read more

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Reducing Twins

August 28th, 2011

Written by: Theresa Gilbert

If you haven’t come across the actual article yet, you have likely seen articles and blogs responding to a New York Times article entitled “The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy. Essentially, it discusses the rise in women opting to abort one twin after having fertility treatments to achieve their pregnancy in the first place.

I don’t doubt the sincere desire to conceive and the struggle that comes with facing infertility. But, I also do not think we should be manipulating human life as though it were a commodity. Fertility treatments in the form of in vitro fertilization change the entire nature of how we approach the gift and blessing of a new life.Read more

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Church Teaching on Issues of Sexuality

August 5th, 2011

Written by: Kathleen Dunn

In my experience most people are not too quick to accept the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. In fact, they believe that promoting a life of chastity rather than letting someone love someone of the same sex is against Christ’s greatest commandment: love. Especially recently, I’ve been forced to really think about why this is: how is it that many ‘Catholics’ and non-Catholics alike can often shrug at and accept certain teachings, but can be so appalled at others?

The conclusion I have come to: When confronted with the Church teaching on issues of sexuality, the response is often hostility because it ‘invades’ the privacy of peoples’ sexual decisions.Read more

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Honour and Educate

August 3rd, 2011

Written by: Theresa Gilbert

As a follow-up to my post, Funeral for Aborted Baby (July 30th), I thought it would be beneficial to hear from Fr. Frank Pavone himself on why he and Operation Save America did the funeral. When you watch the video you will hear Fr. Frank explain that the purpose of the funeral (and others like it) is to honour the girl who was aborted and expose the violence of abortion to educate people about the reality of this “choice”.

Read more

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Choosing Thomas

August 2nd, 2011

Written by: Theresa Gilbert

How would I respond if I was told my preborn child had a genetic disorder? I hope I would respond like T.K. and Deidrea Lauxs did when they found out their baby boy, Thomas, had Trisomy 13.

As the video below will explain, babies with Trisomy 13 usually only live hours, maybe days once born. The video will also take you through the journey these parents lived with Thomas. The closing remark is very poignant: “We didn’t not terminate because we were hanging onto some hope that there was some medical mistake…we didn’t terminate because he’s our son.”

Read more

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Funeral for Aborted Baby

July 30th, 2011

Written by: Theresa Gilbert

Esther's Funeral


On July 21st in Orlando, Florida a young girl was given a funeral. She was a victim of abortion.

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life preached at the service while many others listened and mourned the loss of this innocent life. They gave her the name Esther.

Operation Save America was the organization who organized this memorial service.

Every day approximately 300 Canadian preborn children and 4,000 American preborn children die because of abortion. Their lives will only be known to their mothers who mourn their loss and perhaps the few people she confided in.Read more

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Pro-Choice Converted to Pro-Life

July 24th, 2011

Written by: Theresa Gilbert


Jewels Green: former abortion clinic worker


While it is essential to understand the pro-life position, it is also crucial that we understand the position of those who identify as “pro-choice”. In particular, those who work in the abortion industry. There have been people who work in clinics and even perform abortions who have since realized the absolute wrong they have participated in and converted to being pro-life. Perhaps Dr. Bernand Nathanson or Abby Johnson sound familiar to you. Just as each of us has our story of how and why we participate in defending human life in the womb, people who promote the “pro-choice” message do too.Read more

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True Feminism

July 23rd, 2011

Written by: Amber Miller

Over the past few years, I have often jokingly referred to myself as “the anti-feminist” because many of my firm beliefs seem to clash with most opinions that self-proclaimed ‘feminists’ have. Recently, however, I was made aware of the fact that many women who piloted the first wave of feminism were pro-life and pro-family. For example, Alice Paul, the author of the original Equal Rights Amendment stated that “abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women”. (For more information see

Unfortunately, too many ‘feminists’ of modern society have gone well beyond the intentions of the original feminists by putting less importance on natural feminine beauty – especially a woman’s ability to give life.Read more

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Fetuses Worth More Dead than Alive

June 22nd, 2011

dead baby for saleWritten By: David Gilbert

There is a discussion on our forum that greatly disturbed me. In this discussion it brought to my attention that there is a Rockville Maryland biotech company that sells aborted fetal parts for “medicine” and experimentation. The company is called Capital Biosciences and you can view their catalog of fetal body parts here.

For example, it will cost $429 for “Human Fetal Normal Tissue: Heart” and you get to select the quantity and click on the “add to chart” button just as if you are shopping for books or clothes online.

There is a Defend Life newsletter that was circulated on this company in the January – February  issue.Read more

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“Choice” Chain

June 18th, 2011

Written by: Theresa Gilbert

"Choice" Chain

"Choice" Chain


There is a group of young, pro-life activists who have spent time becoming knowledgeable and articulate on the issue of abortion. And, recently, have brought a campaign called “Choice” Chain to nearby Catholic high schools in Alberta (see news and video links below). “Choice” Chain consists of these young, articulate and compassionate activists holding large signs with images of the reality of abortion and conversing with people. They are with The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR).

They have received a lot of feedback: good and bad. Some of the high school students, teachers and principals have attempted to censor their message.Read more

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