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Sword and Serpent: A Review

November 28th, 2014

sword-and-the-serpent-trailer-image-smallWritten By: Gregory Watson,

I recently had the opportunity to read an advance release of Sword and Serpent, a great new Catholic novel written by Dr. Taylor Marshall. (If you have yet to be blessed by Dr. Marshall, I’d encourage you to visit and read his blog and listen to his podcasts full of down-to-earth, practical advice and theological instruction. He is also the founder of the New Saint Thomas Institute, an online school of theology where you can learn the faith at your own pace without paying exorbitant tuition rates for university courses! Marshall’s new novel, a seamless genre-blend of historical fiction and LOTR-style fantasy, is a retelling of the story of St.… Read more

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BookClub: March and April

March 8th, 2011

Join us in reading 7 Secrets of the Eucharist by Vinny Flynn throughout March and April!

March/April BookClub: 7 Secrets of the Eucharist

Pope John Paul II referred to the Holy Eucharist as “the greatest treasure of the Church,” and yet even many devoted Catholics have a very limited understanding of this powerful sacrament. This book will change all that. The reader will come away with a completely new awareness that the Eucharist is not just about receiving Communion; it’s about transforming your daily life.

Deeply based on the Scriptures, the writings of the Saints, and the teachings of our two most recent Popes, this profound and remarkably readable book will introduce you to some of the “hidden” truths of the Eucharist ” truths that have always been embraced by theologians, saints, and mystics, but have rarely been passed on to the average person in a meaningful way.Read more

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BookClub: January & February

January 5th, 2011

Join us in reading Death Panels over the course of January and February.

Death Panels by Michelle Buckman

The year is 2042.

America’s Christians are decimated, persecuted most of them huddled together on a federal reservation, the rest forced to worship in secret underground communities.

The State knows all and controls all: what you eat, what you watch, how you think and pray.

Tolerance is the highest virtue. Deviance is the norm; speaking out against it is a crime. Any lifestyle choice is fine… as long as it doesn’t lower your federal Healthcare Score. Too low and the Health Continuity Councils or Death Panels will hold your life in their hands.… Read more

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Christmas Starts with Christ

November 22nd, 2010

Written by: Theresa Gilbert

Did you see those Halloween items disappear November 1st and replaced with Christmas items? Do you notice the Christmas lights showing up in your neighbourhood? Have you started thinking about (and possibly already buying) Christmas gifts for your family and friends? Are you preparing your heart for Jesus’ birth?

Let’s face it, we live in a society that loves Christmas for the decorations, gifts and fun times with others. Yet, the real reason for Christmas is often forgotten – whether on purpose or not.

Nothing is wrong with the above noted things, but if that is all we focus on, then we’re missing out.… Read more

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BookClub: Sept and Oct

September 13th, 2010

Written by: Theresa Gilbert

Catholic Chapter House has a BookClub and you are invited! :) Our first book is Fit for Eternal Life by Kevin Vost Psy. D. I have been reading it over the course of the last few weeks. I enjoy the fact that Vost is recognizing the importance of our overall health – physical and spiritual. They are intertwined and affect each other. If you are interested in reading our first BookClub book you can purchase it and discuss with me in our Forums.… Read more

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